The California career technical education model curriculum standards are organized in 15 industry sectors, or groupings, of interrelated occupations and broad industries. Each sector has two or more career pathways. A career pathway is a coherent sequence of rigorous academic and technical courses that allows students to apply academics and develop technical skills in a curricular area. Career pathways prepare students for successful completion of state academic and technical standard and more advanced postsecondary course work related to the career in which they are interested. (CDE, 2005)

Senate Bill 612 that authorizes funding for the CSMP’s addresses two areas of emphasis. The first would provide teachers with instructional strategies for delivering career-oriented, integrated academic and technical content in a manner that is linked to high-priority industry sectors identified in the California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards as adopted by the State Board of Education. The 2nd would provide teachers with instructional strategies for ongoing collaboration on the delivery of career-oriented, integrated academic and technical content. (SB 612)

In an effort to fulfill the requirements outlined in SB612, the California Mathematics Project (CMP) has created the CMP-Career Technical Education (CTE)-Connection (C^3) Initiative. CMP has collaborated with the Sonoma County Office of Education to develop workshops inspired by the University of California Curriculum Institutes (UCCI) goals of creating courses that integrate CTE and mathematics content, and meet the A-G entrance requirements of the University of California.

C^3 features CTE and mathematics teachers paired to implement integrated projects with students, facilitation from CMP and CTE experts to support the development of integrated projects, documentation of evidence of student accomplishment in both CaCCSS-M standards and CTE standards, follow-up meetings to showcase and analyze student outcomes and discuss challenges of implementation.